Faithful Kisses – Psalm 85

Have you ever been kissed? By someone you really love? Maybe you’re like me, and aren’t there yet : ) But I’m sure you’ve seen it in movies; kisses are full of passion, tenderness, and love. But not all kisses are romantic. There is also the kiss of greeting and friendship. This type of kiss was very prominent in the Old Testament times. But let’s get on to God’s love.

In Psalm 85, we see another appeal to God: “Show us your unfailing love, O Lord, and grant us your salvation.” The Sons of Korah, just like Asaph, appeal to God’s Unfailing Love. They’re calling on it; it stands as a promise to be called upon. You can count on it to come. But what really is it?

“Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other (v10).” The next verse says faithfulness “springs forth from the earth,” and then we hear, “the Lord will indeed give what is good.” The writers know God will be faithful. It is so much a part of God, they know it will come. Unfailing Love is part of God’s covenantal promise to His people – ‘you do this, and I’ll do this.’ But the amazing part of this ‘if then’ clause is that God’s unfailing love is NOT dependent on His people’s obedience. God promised His love to mankind, to those who believe in Him, back in Genesis 3. In Genesis 15, He reaffirms that it is HE who will remain faithful, even if His people are faithless. And then He sends His Son in Matthew 1, and in Luke 23 God enacts the fulfillment of His UNFAILING LOVE through Christ’s death and resurrection.

God’s love is so unfailing, so faithful, and so not dependent on us. I know this text doesn’t exactly say that, and I am pulling from other truths in Scripture. But I wanted to think about how it is like a kiss – a true kiss. A sign of such affection is not done lightly; there is passion behind the love. And it should be a sign of faithfulness – a faithfulness that is chosen, not based on whim or the others’ unfaithfulness. When two people meet together and greet with a cultural kiss, it is also an intimate greeting. But more importantly, this imagery of a kiss shows that LOVE and FAITHFULNESS are supposed to go together, meet together and be intimate – an intimacy that will never be put asunder by God.


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I am a beloved child of God, one in whom He delights - not because of anything in me or that I have done, but because He so chooses.
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3 Responses to Faithful Kisses – Psalm 85

  1. Inspiring! And just what I needed to read tonight. Thank you!

  2. ardaemrys says:

    Hi there!
    And yay! I found you!

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